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Make 2018 the year you visit Abruzzo

Posted by Vignaverde Srl on 09/01/2018
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Is it your time to visit Abruzzo?

After a wonderful Christmas break we are back and ready for 2018. During the holidays we had lots of friends and family time and lots of Abruzzo time. Even after 14 years Abruzzo still surprises me and reminds me almost every day, what a special place we live in. Maybe 2018 should be the year that you visit Abruzzo and discover why it is one of the most popular regions in Italy for foreign home buyers. It’s not just a beautiful place, it also offers you an incredible lifestyle. Abruzzo literally has something for everyone all surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Where should we stay?

We are very happy to offer our viewing clients fantastic offers on local accommodation, all of which, are in beautiful locations where you can discover all that Abruzzo has to offer. We have 2 accommodations which are run by expats who have bought and restored using our services and are now enjoying their new lives in Abruzzo. Whichever accommodation you decide on you can be sure of excellent value for money. We have negotiated rates of just E25 per person per night on most of our selected B&B’s and self catering options. For further information or to book your place please click here

How do we view properties with Vignaverde?

You can book your trip to visit Abruzzo online by following the link under the section ‘How can I book a viewing trip’ or email us at info@vignaverde.com. We usually collect clients from most of the accommodation we have on offer and you spend the viewing time with us in our vehicles. If you are staying in another area we can meet in our office (Casoli) and we will drive you around from there. Detailed directions can be sent on request.

Will I be accompanied on house viewings by English speaking agents and can I get advise on restorations?

When you view properties advertised by us you will be accompanied by English speakers and more often than not with our English partner. He is very knowledgeable about the area, moving here and together with our resident geometra he can advise you on all aspects of planning and restoring a property in Abruzzo.

Our company is made up of 5 partners and between us we take care of everything including opening a bank account, obtaining tax codes, translations, searches, the notary signing, utilities and restorations. You do not need to worry about anything, we have everything covered and many references to back up what we say.

Are there many places close by that I can visit to make the most of my trip?

Your internet property search will have no doubt thrown up 1000s and 1000s of houses for sale in Abruzzo. You will notice the property prices can change dramatically from one place to another. This often leads to people heading towards the ‘too good to be true’ end of the market and potentially missing out on more suitable areas. Obviously bargains are found in all parts of Abruzzo, but it is important to get to know the local market and understand why there are such big price differences from one area to another.  It is worth noting that Abruzzo is around 7 times the size of London and a similar size to all 4 counties of Yorkshire put together. As you can imagine, on this scale, prices will vary dramatically and it’s all down to that famous saying, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!

We believe that our area of Abruzzo is very very special and should not be missed on any house viewing trip. Obviously we would say that, it’s where we sell and restore houses, but believe me when you are here, you will be blown away by this corner of Abruzzo. Within 1 hours drive (and usually within 30 minutes) you can ski, swim in the sea and pretty much everything else you can think of in between.

The areas we cover are not governed by seasons. You will always find restaurants, shops, bars and day to day facilities open all year round. We have incredible scenery and lots of attractions to give you a lifetime of exploring pleasure.

If you are looking to rent out your property or create a holiday business, you need plenty for your guests to do when they visit Abruzzo. Whether they fancy high mountain walking, skiing or lounging on a beautiful beach, you can offer it all. They can explore stunning medieval towns and villages, take a stroll by a lake or visit beautiful vineyards, all on your doorstep. You could fill up a 100 websites with information about this area and still be left with more to show off!

We will be happy to share our local knowledge with you to make the most of your holiday. Viewing houses should only be part of your Abruzzo trip, it is just as important to get to know the area you will be potentially buying in. Just remember it is always about location location location.

How can I book a viewing trip?

Ready to visit Abruzzo? You can either email us direct at info@vignaverde.com. You will be able to view accommodation and car hire options from this page. If you need help with any other arrangements please fell free to email us with your questions.

We look forward to meeting you in Abruzzo and showing you around this fantastic place!

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