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After you have bought your new home in Italy our expert restoration team move into action to help you create your dream home. Our team guides you through the entire process needed to successfully restore or build a property here in Italy. Whether it’s a new bathroom or a new build we are here to mange your project and make sure everything is done within the regulations of local planning laws.

By this stage you will have already built up a close relationship with our company and hopefully we will have made it very clear that we are here to do the best possible for our clients. We live and work in the areas we sell and restore houses and have completed many projects for clients at all levels. Every one of our testimonials come from real satisfied clients who often let us use their houses as examples for you to see in person.

We work with the best tradesmen in the area offering the highest standards of workmanship. Our geometra (with 30 years experience in restoring properties in Italy), architect and other professionals, navigate local planning laws and submit projects with ease all from our office in Casoli.

We offer you our honesty and professionalism at all stages and look forward to creating a home you will be proud of.

Introduction to restoring in Italy



There is a very good chance that you will need to do some sort of restoration to your new property in Italy and if you want this to be a good experience we strongly suggest that you follow the regulations.
We are often asked if Italian planning laws are a nightmare to deal with. Our answer is always the same, if you try to cut corners, deal with un registered builders or ignore the laws, then yes it will be a nightmare, but this is true of most countries in the world.

The system here is quite a simple one and it is worth while sticking to the rules. Obviously if you are doing basic DIY planning rules may not apply but it’s always worth asking your local council or geometra just to make sure.


Without wishing to scare anyone it is worth noting that penalties here are very high for anyone found doing illegal work and huge fines are handed out not just to the builder but to the owner of the house as well. You are responsible for your property and you are responsible to make sure that anyone working at your property is doing so with the correct documents. Fines can easily be thousands of euros and are given out by a section of the carabinieri in charge of building control.

At Vignaverde we understand that not everyone wants to give their property a complete overhaul but it is important you understand the potential risks involved in restoring so you can make the right judgement as to whether you use services such as ours.


Unless you have a very basic job to complete most registered builders will not even dream about even offering a quote unless you have instructed a Geometra (like a surveyor) or similar to assess what needs to be done to be within the building regulations. Geometra’s take responsibility for your work and make sure that all the documentation is correct and that all the people working on your restoration are registered to do so. The builders provide the Geometra with their credentials and when everything is in place he will give the go ahead for works to start. He/she will check the works as they progress and will ultimately sign off the project and hand all documents in to the local council.
A Geometra will take care of all of your paperwork and make sure you are sticking to the right regulations.


At Vignaverde we have an in house geometra who controls all the projects we do alongside the project managers. Geometra’s and similar professionals


generally charge a percentage of the cost of works to cover their fees and often includes fees due to the council for planning, this percentage is usually between 10-15%. The good news is when you do things correctly in Italy and use people such as Geometra’s to control works you get a reduction in your VAT on many costs related to the build from 22% down to 10%, this gives you big savings during the process and goes a long way towards paying for your professional fees.


As we have already stated one of our partners is a Geometra so all restoration works are done under one roof, OURS! We have told you how Geometra’s and similar professionals control the works as they move along, they do not however project manage in the way you may think. It is not their job to take you around choosing tiles, kitchens, bathroom suites etc Nor is it their job to constantly update you with photographs and progress as the works move along. It is their job to control the site, the people and make sure the work is being done as per the submitted plans. When it comes to project management, this is where our unique service comes into play.

We DO take you around choosing tiles, bathroom, kitchens, windows, doors etc etc and have many suppliers who give our clients preferential prices. We do thoroughly ” project manage” your restorations. Your personally assigned project manager will look after the financial side of the build, update you regularly with photos and written updates and be your presence here in Italy for the duration of the project.


As we mentioned before professionals such as Geometra’s charge a percentage of the cost of works done (typically 10-15%), this can change depending on the size of the project. The extra project management services that we offer is INCLUDED in this percentage. So this means you will receive the full services of a Geometra who has 30 years experience in this field PLUS a personal project manager INCLUDED in the price!

This is why we are different and this is why we successfully manage a large number of projects for foreign clients every year. Testimonials given to us are our success and we are happy to introduce these people to you.

Vignaverde is the right choice to work with to create your Italian home and we look forward to hearing from you.

Dave, Silvana, Pino, Angela and Claudio

Together we make a very unique team.

Before & After

Take a look at some of the projects we have done for clients. Many of these can be visited during your stay so you can see up close the work we can do for you.
Click on the image to open up in a larger window and view the transformations! 
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