Testimonial 34

We would not have been able to realise our dream of buying a property in Abruzzo without the
amazing support of Vignaverde. We knew early on in our search that we wanted to find an agent
who could organise the whole process from first viewings through to the handover of keys in the
Notary’s office.
What is distinctive about Vignaverde is that they are a small team, so you really get to know and trust
them as you go through the viewing and purchasing processes. They have all the expertise in-house
including Sales, Geometra and Translator as well as an established relationship with a reputable UK
based foreign exchange provider. Furthermore, they organise your ‘codice fiscale’ ( tax code) and
help you open an Italian bank account. They really do have everything covered.
We first met Dave Benton at one of the Place in the Sun shows. As one of the lead panellists at the
‘Buying a Property in Italy’ seminar, Dave was clearly a knowledgeable, well established and well-
respected agent. We visited Abruzzo twice, viewing properties and meeting the Vignaverde team,
Dave, Silvana, Pino, Claudio, Angela and Tony. We also met other people who had bought property
through Vignaverde. These visits helped us to understand the buying process and reassured us that
we were in safe hands.
The day of the purchase was great fun. In the morning, Silvana drove us to the bank to get our bank
card, cheque book and bankers draft for the purchase; Angela then took us through the English
translation of the house sale contracts so that we would know exactly what we were signing later in
the day; meanwhile Pino helped to clarify one or two last queries that we had. Then in the afternoon
Dave took us over to the Notary’s office in Chieti. We all sat round the table with the seller and the
Notary (whose role is to guarantee the legality of the transaction). Contracts were read and signed,
money exchanged, and keys handed over. It really was that simple!
And now we look forward to moving in to our new house, knowing that Dave is still on the end of
WhatsApp to answer our questions, Silvana is helping us to get services connected and set up direct
debits and we are going to meet Pino to discuss some of the renovation work that we plan to do.
We are cautious people and there were times when Vignaverde’s straight forward, no-nonsense
approach appeared to be too good to be true. We can now whole-heartedly confirm that everything
worked perfectly and we thoroughly recommend Vignaverde to anyone thinking of buying a house in
beautiful Abruzzo.
Martin and Mandi Lewis