Testimonial 36

“We’ll have you in by Christmas” – and they did!

When we exchanged contracts in late October 2018 on our UK house, the near certainty of sale allowed us to put a small holding deposit on our chosen property (one of a few Vignaverde had showed us in July of that year). We completed on our UK house on the 22ndNovember and with the equity then available we were able to tell Dave to proceed in Italy. “We’ll have you in for Christmas” he said, and the whirlwind began. Knowing how relaxed, shall we say, the Italians can be, we really didn’t believe it would happen.  However, true to his word, we flew out on the 2nd December, completed the purchase on the 4th, and moved in on the 5th!

The after-care service we have received from Vignaverde has been exemplary. Not only in the building works which they project managed for us – and yes, of course project management has to be paid for – but in all other aspects of assisting us getting settled. By the end of February, all our utility bills had been set up with Direct Debits, we had our Residency, our Carta di Identità, and, with Tessera Sanitaria cards, were registered with the local Doctor (as pensioners we get NHS-type medical assistance). And three weeks later, again with their help, we are now the proud possessors of an Italian car.

If you’re thinking of moving to Abruzzo (and it is the most delightful part of Italy), we highly recommend Vignaverde and their excellent service.