Testimonial 5

We had been thinking of buying an overseas property for quite some time and in December 2014 we decided to make a call enquiring about a property in Abruzzo, Italy that had caught our eye whilst browsing an Italian property website.

We were surprised to hear a well-spoken English voice on the other end of the phone. The property was still available and David suggested we come out for a couple of days at the end of the week to have a look at this and, if we were interested, several other similar properties that his Company, Vignaverde was representing. We agreed and he booked us into a local Guesthouse and gave us the ‘easy route’ directions from Aeroporto d’Abruzzo. All we had to do was jump on a plane and pick up a car at the airport.

The morning after our arrival, bang on time, David rolled up at the Guesthouse to take us on our bespoke tour of the Abruzzo properties.  Even though it was a busy time of year for him, at short notice he had set aside the whole day to take us around. The properties were scattered over quite a large area, affording us plenty of time to talk about Abruzzo, its attractions and life in this beautiful part of Italy. Along the way, David stopped off at a few places of interest to give us a good flavour of the region.

During the tour one of the properties really caught our eye and at the end of the day we told David that we would have a think about what we had seen and get back to him. There was no hard sell, no pressure. If we needed any more help, a quick email or phone call would be quickly replied to.

We took about a week to decide. This was the property for us. We emailed Vignaverde and asked them to set the wheels in motion to purchase the property with one additional request…. we’d like to complete the deal and move in within a month. Whilst perhaps being a bit surprised at how quickly we wanted to proceed, for Vignaverde it was not a problem.

The purchasing process could not have been more straight forward. An Italian bank account was set up for us and Vignaverde handled all the legal paperwork with impressive efficiency. Other than providing proof of our identity and the transfer of funds we had nothing more to do than sit back and wait for the day of purchase.

About 3 weeks after we had asked Vignaverde to proceed, that day arrived. We were collected from the Guesthouse, taken to the local branch of the bank to pick up the banker’s drafts then off to the Notaries office in Chieti to complete the purchase. Three members of the Vignaverde team were present to ensure that any last minute questions posed by the Notary could be answered swiftly and that we had expert translation during the entire meeting. About an hour later it was all done and we were the proud owners of our dream Italian property.

Many prospective buyers may at first be put off by the daunting prospect of buying a property in Italy. With David and the team at Vignaverde there is no need to worry, all you have to do is make that call….