Testimonial 7

To all at the Vignaverde team,

My Wife and I would like to extend our sincerest thanks for the seamless and completely stress free process in the hunt for our Italian dream. Thanks to Vignaverde we are now the very proud owners of our Italian home in Casoli and we can’t stop smiling.

We contacted Vignaverde last year after looking through many web sites, some for licensed Italian Estate Agents and some for English based organisations. I can not stress just how important it is to deal with a genuine and licensed Italian Estate Agency, like Vignaverde and not some other organisation. It is all too easy to think that they are all the same but they are not. Licensed Italian Estate Agencies are governed by strict rules, they are required to undertake exhaustive training and have to pass strict qualifications in order to practice. On a more particle level, because they are based in the area where you are looking to buy, they are always available to help, guide and advise, even after the purchase of your property.  

After e mailing Vignaverde, Dave contacted us and we discussed our options given our budget and requirements. We set up a viewing list and dates for the visit and Dave took us on the grand tour of the area, including places of historical interest, handy shopping areas and lots of practical advice on buying in Italy.

After falling in love with one of the properties, we discussed the next move with Dave and began the process. Between the team at Vignaverde, everything was taken care of and fell readily into place, the initial offer and negotiations, setting up return dates and accommodation, organising an Italian bank accountant and fiscal codes, appointments to see the Notary, even transferring the utility bills, it was all so easy thanks to Dave and the Team.

If you are thinking about realising your Italian dream, make that move now and then you will know just how my wife and I feel and why we are walking around with silly grins on our faces all day. It is the greatest feeling and a wonderful position to be in but please remember to use a licenced Italian Estate Agency like Vignaverde, don’t trust to luck or chance, you only get to do this once.

To all at Vignaverde with my sincerest thanks.

Russell and Adele.