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Why you should consider our explore Abruzzo tours.

Posted by Vignaverde Srl on 4th April 2019
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Over the last 5 years we have hosted these all inclusive explore Abruzzo tours and found them to be a huge hit with the participants. The main reason I think they are so successful is the amount that gets covered in such a short period of time. People leave, feeling as though they have had all of their questions answered about every aspect of buying and restoring here whilst having a good look at different styles of houses and understanding what they can get for their budgets. Its almost like a years worth of research comes together perfectly in just a few days.

During your internet search I have no doubt you have lists and lists of potential properties but until you are here you cannot get a real feel for what is right and wrong for you let alone understand why there are such huge price difference from one place to another. In our experience people who come on these explore Abruzzo tours are less likely to make unnecessary trips in the future and they become far more focused on what is right for them.

Explore Abruzzo tours

Why are the tours so beneficial?

I will take a guess that during your time spent searching for the right property online a thousand questions and doubts come to mind. If only these could be answered in a simple way keeping your search constructive.
That’s what these tours do best.
Your concerns and queries are answered by professionals while you are being taken around stunning places and shown every type of property from piles of rocks to restored homes to help you figure out what is right for you. Your search becomes much clearer and you have someone on hand to ask about that quick thought you have just had. You have a personal property expert by your side for 3 days.

Meet new people.

Another strong reason to join our explore Abruzzo tours is the chance to meet other people in a similar position to you. We can honestly say that the majority of people who come along end up with long term friends who share the journey with them. Many also make friends with expats in the area they end up moving to. There’s nothing better than bouncing ideas off a neutral person to listen to the feedback they give. So many people come with one idea and leave with two new ones because of the experience they have had and the people they have met.

Explore Abruzzo tours

What are the highlights?

*Collections and drop off from Chieti and Pescara
*3 nights ensuite accommodation in a beautiful location
*All inclusive of traditional food and drink
*Visit mountain, vineyard and coastal communities
*View different types of properties to suit all budgets
*Learn about the legal aspects of buying and restoring in Abruzzo
*Visit current restoration projects
*Meet expats who have already made the move and live in Abruzzo

Explore Abruzzo tours

When are the next explore Abruzzo tours and how much do they cost?

The next tour is on the 23rd to the 26th of October and collections are timed in conjunction with the Ryanair flight from London Stansted to Pescara.

The price for the all inclusive tour is £350 per person.

How do I see more information and book securely?

Click here and follow the on page links.
Or email me at info@new.ahomeinitaly.com

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